Take this year’s Equipt to Innovate survey to see where your city stands on these 7 elements of good governance.

The Equipt to Innovate framework is an integrated, collaborative, and evidence-based blueprint for public sector innovation. The seven key outcome elements that make up the framework provide vital guideposts around which cities and public officials can anchor their efforts to improve services and increase the quality of residents’ lives.

Last year, 61 of the largest cities in the U.S. responded to the Equipt to Innovate survey. The intent of our annual survey is to:

  • Get a national overview of cities’ innovation efforts,
  • Identify emerging practices and successful, and
  • Help cities learn from and benchmark against each other.

Our hope is that participation in this survey will help cities conduct a productive and beneficial self-evaluation.

Many of last year’s participants report that the survey questions helped them gather data for internal reporting and identify areas for planning. The national overview report, which participants will receive, also allows cities to network with best-practice peers and highlight their efforts on a national platform.

In addition, many cities are using the information to monitor and track their progress in the seven Equipt outcome elements. Our goal is to increase that number this year and build further knowledge about the practices being used across the country in service of government innovation.

The Equipt to Innovate 2017 survey is now live, and with only a few weeks left to complete the survey, we urge your city to be part of this year’s data set and see how you compare to the nation’s highest-performing cities. High performers will be recognized at a national conference, and will receive local and national media coverage around the best practices they embody. Governing will be publishing only the profiles of top performing cities in one or more subject areas with background information and context on their achievements. Results will be reported in the aggregate only, other than calling out those who exemplify best practices. The intent of this survey is to help underscore your efforts in good governance in the most positive way possible.

You can take the survey here.

Submissions will be accepted until November 16, 2017. All responses will be treated as confidential, and all participating cities will be given a personalized feedback report on their progress with ideas on how they can accelerate change in their own communities.

Published: November 6, 2017
Category: Blog
Contributors: Owen Stone