Using data is a huge part of driving collaborative change. Without access to robust data related to strategies, it is hard to keep partners aligned on the overall goal of the collaborative, as well as track progress towards that goal. Yet, good data is hard to find.

To learn more about this challenge, we brought together a set of experts and practitioners at our recent convening of the Integration Initiative sites to share how they have used data to drive results and overcome challenges around data access and privacy, sourcing and policy. Watch excerpts below to learn from their work.

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  • Mary Kay BaileyProject Director, Central Corridor Funders’ Collaborative, Minnesota Philanthropy Partners
  • Roxanne V. FranklinSenior Project Manager Innovation Delivery Team, City of New Orleans
  • Nicole IsaacHead of US Public Policy, LinkedIn
  • Zachary MarkovitsDirector of City Programs, What Works Cities
Published: January 9, 2017
Category: Blog
Contributors: Steven Bosacker